Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer is starting!

Yes we've gone through some changes around here on the Robo-Family Blog. I finally decided that it would be worth my time to try to figure out some of this HTML stuff and start actually designing this page and making it our own. Since I'm not even close to cool enough to design my own layout beyond just concept, I went too The Cutest Blog On The Block for the background, but the banner with our names and stuff is all me. Go me! So anyway, any tips from those of you who know what you're doing with this blogging thing and can throw some suggestions my way, they'd be greatly appreciated. On to the actual post!

Oh my goodness how we love the warm weather, especially out here where there's so much to do! We decided to take this summer off from boating (this was actually decided for us this winter when we took the boat to get winterized just one freeze too late and did some pretty extensive damage to our third child). However, having the summer to just hang out and not have to worry about the boat, taking it out, who's coming with etc. has proved (at least for me) to be pretty darn relaxing. But we'll be ready for it next summer for sure.

One of the things we've really been taking advantage of is our gym membership (not just to get in shape for swimsuit weather). We joined a really great one called Villa Sport that is super family friendly and is more like a country club. They have an awesome outdoor pool for the kids with a beach entry pool that has a play structure that's just perfect for the kids. Oh, and they serve strawberry margaritas poolside. We've been spending nearly every piece of nice weekend hanging out there and it's perfect because it's close to the house so we can head over in the morning, play and then take the kids home for nap time just in time for the afternoon thunder storms to run through.

The Dude-Man and his shades... his future's so bright!
Our skinny mini tends to turn purple after only a few minutes and asks to go sit in the sun wrapped up by towels. Can't really blame her, I'd rather hang out tanning too.

"What cookie? I didn't see any cookies 'round here." After sharing a big hunk of cookie with Mommy.

Summer time around here also means intramural softball up at the base. We went the other night to watch Jeff's first game(s) and to play on the playground (read: swing for about a half hour). Kale, in true Roberson and Schwab family form didn't even want to eat he was so engrossed in the game. For a kid who eats like he does, that's really saying a lot!
"What Mom? I'm trying to watch the game!"

Haley decided to show us that the single stroller we brought was really a double stroller! Why did we buy this huge double jogging stroller then?! She was tired and just curled up down there, and we covered her with a blanket we keep in there; she never went to sleep, but definitely made herself comfortable.