Thursday, November 20, 2008

The bags are packed, we're ready to go...

We're about to take our first vacation as a family of four and we're flying. God help us all, we're flying. Our theory goes as such: we now live a 22 hour drive away from home, this means that our options are a) spend 2 days driving with 2 small kids all the way back to Washington, look at them the entire trip, and then spend another 2 days driving home with them (assuming that they live that long); or b) spend 3 hours with them and 100 people we have never met, and will quite likely never see again and gain an extra 2 days at home with family for the holidays. We'll be taking option b, thank you very much.

We're praying that there is an open seat on the plane that we can put Haley and her carseat into, but just incase we have dvd's, snacks and loads of books and new toys to keep her busy in Jeff's lap. YEA to be the breastfeeding mommy!

All the traveling aside, this is going to be a (mostly) fun filled trip home. We have Jeff's grandma's memorial service to attend, but after that, it's family, and a trip to Macy's to see the REAL Santa - He lives in Seattle, we're pretty sure! Oh and we'll be hooking up with a select couple of old friends for a dinner.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Welcome to our life

We're the Roberson's. A family of four (+ 2 dogs), who recently moved to Colorado. We consist of me, Meghan, the mom who stays at home with Haley who will be 2 in January, and Kale who was born June 20th. Jeff is the dad who works hard in the Air Force so that we can raise happy healthy kids. We also include Atlas and Bella, a couple of labs who live to fetch and lay around the house.

Speaking of houses, we are currently in the process of building our house out here in Colorado, we are supposed to FINALLY get to move in December 1st! I say finally because by the time we get into it, it will be 16 days shy of 6 months since we've seen our belongings. We've been house guests in too many houses for way too long.

Me & Bella on a log in Montana

Jeff and Atlas with the first duck of last season (this season's a loss on account of the move, but next year ducks are gonna fall!)

Our little monkey Haley Kay, I'm pretty sure she's the cutest kid in the world, oh, and she's got personality to match her cuteness

Our big man Kale Ernest, someday when he's a world class wake boarder people are going to see these pictures of him rockin' the mohawk and say "He was awesome even before he was awesome!"