Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kale is MOBILE!

It should be noted that since having a boy, lots of people have tried to "warn" me about them and the trouble they can get into. Starting with my mother-in-law warning me about "When Jeffrey was a baby" and continuing to the nurse at the ER (he was running a high fever) last week about how this was only my first trip there and that there were many more to come. OK, I'll believe you all, but it's not going to change that he's still my sweet baby boy. But now he's mobile, batten down the hatches y'all, there's a trouble storm a brewin'! Here's a tiny taste of Dude-a-Man's crusing, he started after Atlas, but I couldn't get the camera out fast enough so I only caught the last of it and had to quite early because... well, you'll see!


  1. Boy's are great fun trust me!!!

  2. He is so freaking adorable, how can you resist not munching on his cheeks all day?

  3. Thanks, yeah he comes by those cheeks honestly - don't know if you've met me or his father... I think they're so big because it's cold here - it's where he stores his winter food supply. His little legs are just as chubby. LOVE it!