Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Arts & Crafts Time with the Roberson's

So we decided to do a little Arts & Crafts with the kids. We had some finger paints, and an end roll of newspaper (If this is something you're interested in, most local newspapers keep the little bits at the end of the newsprint roll and sell it for charity, you just have to go into the paper and ask). We started by tracing Haley on the paper, then we used a stamp pad to give her fingers and feet, and finally we stripped her down and let her go at it with the finger paints.

Then we thought we couldn't just leave it at Haley, so we traced Kale out also, but he really wouldn't be able to grasp the whole finger painting idea and Haley had such a good time with it, we thought we would just let her paint her brother - she LOVED it and he thought it was hilarious! Then we just let him roll around on the traced image of himself. Too cute.

The final steps of the project will be to cut the outline out, and add a computer printed version of their faces to the head. A fun way to create a keepsake of how the kids are at this moment in time.

Kale's Valentine's Day outfit and ready to give a big Valentine's Day hug!

Haley's Valentine's Day outfit

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