Friday, July 24, 2009

Kale's 1st Birthday!

This year we were on the road home to Seattle for Kale's actual first birthday so we celebrated it a day later up at Grandma Linda's house on the Party Deck! It was a great day, except for the weather and everyone had a really fun time watching Kale attack his cake.

We ordered one of these for Haley's first birthday so it was only natural that we'd get one for Kale. The lady on the phone was all "WHAT is his name? How do you spell that?" and I'm all "Kale, K-A-L-E, like the lettuce"

The birthday man rockin' the hat like it's his job, but on your first birthday, it pretty much is.

The Party Deck, mind you this is only about a quarter of it. You really can't grasp how big this thing is through pictures. It was perfect! Grandma Linda really should rent this thing out and hold events at her house.

The 1st Birthday Throne. Clean, waiting and ready to be destroyed by cake!

The Dude-a-Man and his real cake. The Albertson's in Auburn totally jacked this thing up - they did it up to match his napkin, then found my totally awesome picture in the envelope. Rather than scraping the frosting up the just laid the picture over the bright green frosting. By the time I went to pick it up the frosting had bled through the picture. They had to re-print and re-lay the picture so there ended up being 2 layers of that nasty edible picture stuff there - oh well, we just scraped it off ourselves and you'd never know to look at the pictures.

His first handfuls into the cake. We thought this is what we would get with Haley (I don't know why, she's such a bird when it comes to eating - maybe we were hoping).

This kid dove in by the fistfuls! He loved it (although it's not like he's ever met a food he didn't like)! I think his first experience with birthday cake is exactly what every kid should do and look like. Perfection!

You'll notice in the top left side of this picture, there is just one small piece of cake - he wasn't about to let anything his the floor! It was just that spotless when we finished. I think he may have dropped that for my benefit - I had just got the camera to take a picture of the spotless mat.

It wasn't long after the cake infused eye rubbing that we decided to cut him off. Something about having cake in your eye makes you cranky I guess. Either that or the sugar shock had finally set in. He might be my son, but he's got some tolerance building to do when it comes to sugar (or more importantly chocolate).

The official video of Kale's first dive into cake. Beware, it's a 10 minute flick. I don't really know why I included this - all of our family (the only people that I believe would actually want to see a 10 minute video of my kid eating cake) were there. However near the beginning there is a description/discussion of the most delicious bacon I've ever made or ate (it's like bacon flavored candy).

The aftermath - good thing Grandma Linda has a bathroom at her party site - we needed it big time. This kid was a MESS!

The handsomest guy to ever rock a Mohawk (don't know what his face is about, but I love it).

Now it's on to present opening! We had so many people show up to celebrate with us (especially considering we did this on Father's Day) that we were just in awe. Oh, and we opened presents for like 45 minutes - Good Lord!

I think this is the coolest backpack! It has a dinosaur face on the back and he looks so stinkin' cute carrying it around! It's become his new diaper bag for now and as much as I want him to stay my little boy - I can't wait for him to wear it off to preschool!

Grandma and Papa got him this sweet ride, so now he can quit hanging out on his sisters pink and purple one!

And this is the ride home. We didn't make it down Grandma Linda's driveway before he was OUT cold. Can't say I blame the guy, we were all pretty tired. Oh, and we went to the doc the next day only to find out the poor little man had an ear infection the whole time (you'd never have known by his behavior though, such a trooper). Thank you so much to everyone who came, it really was a special day.

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