Friday, November 13, 2009


Today on our way to Kale's doctor appointment I made a stop by Starbucks for my seasonal favorite (peppermint mocha with soy), and decided that at almost three Haley was plenty big enough for a drink of her own, and a chance to share in what has become known as Red Cup Joy! She got a gingerbread warm steamed milk and really enjoyed drinking "coffee" with mommy. Just another example of how my little girl is getting bigger and bigger every day.

A couple of days ago she was being silly for the camera, and this is what we captured.

Her "cheese" face (with a little bit of laughing).

One of my new favorite pictures of her, I think she looks like such a beautiful little girl here.

And our goofball Haley. She's learned to "look at her nose" and this is the silliness that we get. I love it!

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