Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Dude and his Boots

So about a week ago we got a package in the mail from Jeff's mom. It included lots of great things for the kids, but the biggest hit by far was this pair of dragon galoshes from The Children's Place.

To say that Kale loves them could quite possibly be the biggest understatement ever, EVER, E.V.E.R.! He wakes up and puts them over his footie jammies, then comes into our room in the morning, he will wear them all morning, including when we go to the gym, he takes them off for a nap, but as soon as the nap is over back on his feet they go, they're there through dinner, then when it's time for tubby and we get him all undressed, the boots go back on. I have photographic evidence of this, but feel like I have to draw the lines of inappropriate pictures somewhere, but rest assured, if you have a daughter about his age, she might one day see it. What? It's my right as his mother. In any case... His feet are rarely not clothed in dragon.

Throwing a tantrum on the floor... in his boots.

Playing with the bathroom chair (I refuse to call it a stool for obvious reasons based on it's location)... In his boots.

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