Friday, May 18, 2012

Project 52 {20}

My favorite thing about you:
How much you crack me up!
Oh, lots of stuff... 

Yeah, seriously?  My kids are hilarious!  When they're not driving me nuts, they're cracking me up.  The things that come out of their mouths, the way they react to things... they're funny.  

Last night we were riding in the car and Kale has truly figured out every last one of Haley's buttons to push, and he was pushing each one with such adept little brother-ness over her it was all Jeff and I could do to keep a straight face.  I wish I could tell you exactly what the words were coming out of his mouth, but you kind of had to be there.  Suffice, it was awesome to witness.  His favorite one recently is "I AM?!"  you could tell him he was going to the moon or just that he's great and that's his reaction coupled with one of the faces above.  Or, we get "HU-WHAT?!" as his incredulous response, also with a face above, chosen at his discretion.  They're just fun (most days) and if you can't use your kids as portable entertainment, then why have them?!  

We took all of these pictures in a matter of maybe 3 minutes (since that's how long a session lasts with them these days).  And I even edited a bunch out.  I've been thinking that I need to cut back on my shooting, maybe not hold the shutter quite as long, but these faces, all of them, totally negate that idea.  I would have missed out on so much. Also, yes I realized there's a duplicate above (JEFF!), but I was editing at 12:00 at night.  I just can't think clearly.  My bad.  

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