Saturday, October 27, 2012

Project 52 {43}

My favorite thing about you is:
Your memory.

f/2.8 1/80 ISO-400

Here's the thing:  I'm in a conundrum.  Your memory is Ah-maze-ing.  Like, close to photographic.  I'd like to believe that it's just how great you are, but then there's this part of me that wonders if it's only because it has roughly five years of life to remember.  For now, lets assume greatness.

This week your classroom hosted Mother Goose (your principal).  It was your assignment to find a rhyme, memorize a line of it and come up with a costume.  Caution: Rabbit Trail:  Can I just tell you how much fun it was to see all of your classmates dressed up as nursery rhyme characters?  So much fun!  Everyone went way above and beyond to make sure they truly dressed the part.  But I digress (at least I warned you this time...).  Anyway, you chose to be Jill (of "Jack and Jill").  And you didn't just memorize one line, but all of the most common part of it (it wasn't till later we learned there was more to it - now we know).  We practiced it, and you even decided to do a curtesy at the end (naturally).  So you were one of the last ones to go (you got nervous - yes you, the lead in your ballet class because you couldn't stand anything less) got shy in front of kids you see every day.  I think Mother Goose did you in, it was like standing next to a celebrity - I get it.  But you got up, said your lines like a champ, took your pictures, and went back to your seat.  It was great - I was SO proud.  

So anyway... this memory of yours.  It's made me lazy.  You're like my Siri that never runs out of battery, and understands most everything I tell you.  I rarely have to repeat myself.  Your mind is a steel trap.  Can't remember how an event went down?  Ask Haley.  Want to know about a show you watched six months ago?  Ask Haley.  Seven things on my grocery list?  Tell Haley.  It helps that you're a pretty fallible liar too.  So long as you're paying attention, it goes right into your brain and that's where it stays for that moment forever from now when you (or I) need it again.  

I hope your memory stays as clear as it is now.  I hope all of the wonderful things you're remembering stay right there in your brain just as bright as they are today.  What a great gift you've been given.  

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