Friday, April 27, 2012

Project 52 {17}

My favorite thing about you is:
You hair.

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I love that you have long hair and you let me do it (most days anyway).  Long hair is just you.  We braid it, it goes up in ponytails, "Peek A Boo, I Love You" (pigtail buns), a half ponytail and about a hundred other ways.  I love all of our options.  I love that every outfit has a matching set of curly cue Gymboree clips.  But we've been lazy lately, gone are the days of pigtails every. single. day.  These are the days of "Do it yourself" headbands, and brushing it yourself as well.  I love that you are capable of brushing your hair yourself, but I'm sad that you look and act more like a big girl and less like a little girl (in this respect).  

This week my dad sent me a great picture of me and my sister from when I was (maybe) 7, so 1988(ish).  Great hair, huh?  I remember how much I loved my mom doing my hair (looking back, perhaps I should have taken the reigns a bit earlier).  To this day, having someone play with my hair, is the best feeling in the world.  Not long after this picture we cut my hair into a short Dorothy Hamill style (so short, I was constantly mistaken for a boy).  Obviously it was a long period of poor choices in haircuts.  My sister never seemed to love it quite as much, and who can blame her, my mom was famous for braids that were tight enough to give a face lift to a 6 year old.  I remember the day my mom decided to cut my sister's hair - she argued with my dad that if he wanted it to be long, then he should be the one to take care of it.  They cut around 18" off (still sits in an envelope in a filing cabinet somewhere).  Perhaps it's appropriate to note here also, that my mom's favorite hair color was always red, not auburn, R.E.D. Like a fire truck.  To this day, I don't know how, she totally pulled the color off.  Personality, I suspect.

But I digress,  I hope that someday when Haley looks back a pictures of herself she remembers the time we spent together brushing, and styling her hair.  Girls club doing what we could to pull the hair out of her face so that her beautiful eyes could shine without obstruction and that it stayed out of the way while she was trying to learn.  And I pray that her hair is classic enough that she never has to live with a picture like this up on facebook (or whatever the deal will be when she's 30), but if she does, I hope she's able to own it with a sense of humility and self deprecation, like her mother.  

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  1. We all have those haircuts that we are less than thrilled about that we had when we were younger.