Friday, June 8, 2012

Project 52 {23}

My favorite thing about you:
You practice 'till you get it perfect.

f/2.8 1/4000 ISO-100

I think you've spent more time this week cartwheeling than you have walking.  Your (well trained in gymnastics) BFF can do it, so naturally, you can too.  It's your favorite thing to do (for the current 5 seconds anyway).  You were a little lackluster at the beginning of the week and more often than not, fell on your hip (you've got the bruises to prove it), but you set your mind to it and now you've got it down.  You're even working on fancy landings now.   

Remember this.  Not everything in life will come naturally to you, that doesn't mean it's out of reach.  And if it does come naturally to you, a bit of practice will keep your skills honed and help you to reach even higher.  The saying goes that there's always room for improvement, well improvement doesn't come without some practice and perseverance.  We have high expectations in this house, expectations that we know you can achieve, but not without some trials wherein you can grow, learn where you need improvement and practice till you get it perfect.  

It should be noted that I never did much tumbling growing up; the first time I tried, I hyper extended my knee and decided to stick with swimming - smart choice on my part.  Cartwheeling for me is much like hurling my head at the ground for no reason from the height of more than five and a half feet.  Why?  Why would I do that?  But I remember being a kid and loving it (and hula hooping, which for some reason, is not like riding a bike - who would have thunk?)  Haley loves it all.  But there's not much I can help her with in this arena.  We had friends over last weekend for my birthday and after watching her cartwheel around for a bit, her BFF's mom noticed that she was leading off on the wrong side.  Um... Cartwheels are sided?  Mommy fail on my part.  Dang it.  But once she figured that out?  Done.  She nailed it, and she's been doing it ever since.  

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