Friday, June 22, 2012

Project 52 {25}

My favorite thing about you:
You're becoming an individual.
f/2.8 1/800 ISO-250

I mentioned last week how much more independent you guys were becoming, no joke.  You'll be ready to move out next week, I'm sure.  Someday you'll have kids of your own (God willing...) and every last lady you meet in the supermarket (who will likely be the same age as your mother) will tell you the same thing (say it with me moms):  "It goes by so fast".  And you'll have your arms full of kids and groceries, and you'll be swatting small hands away from the thousands of temptations that surround check out and you'll think "If I could only be so lucky".  Your parent friends will tell you "This is only a season" and it's true.  If there's a soup that parents live in, I'm pretty sure its that survival mode that occurs between birth and 4 years old but once your youngest hits that 4 year mark, things seem to level out.  For how long?  I don't know yet, I'm sure I'll let you know as soon as I figure that out.  But it seems like at 4 you really start to consider who you are as a person.  Yes, I'm sure that's how your thoughts go... what kind of person would I like to be?  But you know what you like and what you don't, and those likes and dislikes are so independent of even one another even, and that's amazing to me.  Same parents, two wholly different kids.  

This week Kale turned 4.  It seemed like with Haley that was the magic number.  Literally overnight things changed with her and she became so much more of an individual and so much less reliant on us.  Kale seems to be a slower transition, but it's there.  If I look back 6 months we've come a long way, and I'm sure in another 6 months we'll be in a much different place than we are now.  But at 4 years old, this is what Kale knows for sure:
He's a boy, not lettuce like the Naked Mole Rats at the zoo eat.
He love baseball and being outside and puttering with things.
He needs to look at something and know how it works.
It's pronounced Chicks-a-flay and G-Graffes and Sanks (as in Sanks for the sandwich Mom).
His name is spelled K-A-L-E said in the most abrupt and factual pronunciation of the letters.
He has lots of friends, one buddy, and one best friend which brings us to:
He loves his sister and his days revolve around her.
He most of the time can not win a fight with his sister, unless mom lets him tackle her, but if we're in the car, there are super powers there and he will have the best comebacks for her.
He's a really good swimmer/runner/bicyclist with training wheels/climber/pretty much anything you ask him about.  

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