Friday, August 3, 2012

Project 52 {31}

My favorite thing about you is:
Your tongue.  
f/4.5 1/4000 ISO-100

Both of you.  It's how I know you're concentrating and from what I understand, the bigger of the two of you have been doing it since you were the size of the smaller of the two of you.  Thinking, focusing, figuring things out, surfing, running, playing baseball, it's always right there.  Sometimes the girl gets in on it too.  None of them know they're doing it and (as far as I know) you didn't one day sit down and have some kind of lesson (though, that would be the one thing that would stick after a single talking to).  

This past weekend was Kale's last day of a four-class-long Bambino Baseball instruction held at our gym.  Kale missed the cut off for city t-ball this year by 20 days.  He was bummed, it's the one sport that he really loves (to be fair, he enjoys most sports, but he definitely shows preference for baseball).  For more than a couple of years now he's been throwing the ball straight into the air and hits it with his bat, no tee required.  He comes by it naturally - between Jeff, and the long history of baseball by a number of members on my side of the family, I don't know if he could escape it if he wanted to, so I guess it's a good thing he's embraced it.  He brought me many proud moments, smacking the ball, knowing how to run the bases, and pretty much just being full of awesome.  I loved sitting on the grass watching him play, and I really look forward to (what I'm sure will be) many evening spent at the baseball fields.  Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks and call me a proud happy mama!  

I'm not sure I can explain the pride in your kids when they can physically accomplish something that they practice at.  Haley and her swimming and Kale with his baseball, they just get it and it comes naturally to them.  I'm glad we've found something that fits them (for now at least).  And weeks like this with the (SUMMER!!) Olympics in full swing, I think every parent feels such happiness for and perhaps a bit of connection with the parents who are lucky enough to be sitting in the stands watching their kids compete at such a level.  My kids don't have to achieve that level of physical accomplishment for me to know how proud those parents feel.  Previous Olympics I would watch and wish to be one of those athletes (too bad I suffer from inability to practice...), this year it's different, I don't want to be the athlete, I want to be the parent screaming her brains out in the stands as my kids make good all of their hard work (and lets be realistic, my time and $$$).  And I don't even need to be screaming my brains out in the Olympic stands, I just want the pride of watching my kids do something that will make themselves proud.  

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