Friday, July 27, 2012

Project 52 {30}

My favorite thing about you is:
You're waterbabies!

f/2.8 1/2500 ISO-100

Yup, you kiddos love the water.  So you two know, we're blessed to belong to a really great gym that has a fantastic outdoor pool.  We spend about three days a week there and despite my efforts at a 50SPF liquid sweater (that you complain makes you look like a snowflake), your hair is turning blonde and your skin is getting a few shades darker.  I've taken to only allowing a couple of toys, but you guys are happy with something to pick up off the bottom of the pool and your goggles to find it.  We pack a lunch and spend the greater part of the afternoon there before we head home from nap.  I think it's this routine that makes the summer months my favorite.  Both of you get compliments on your swimming abilities, and I think by next summer you'll both have run of the whole pool (including the tall water slides), not just the shallower kiddie area.  I've never pulled out a stopwatch, but I'm pretty sure you spend more time under the water than above.  I love it.  I was the same way growing up with your Aunties Molly and Amanda, and Uncle Aaron.  

This week we've come home from the pool to take naps (sometimes all three of us), and when you wake up, you head out to your "hot tubs" (three 17 gallon tubs we bought for Kale's birthday party last year).  We fill them in the morning, and let them heat up while we're at the pool, and they're so toasty by the afternoon.  Perfect for you to climb in and out of 100 times, and even better for filling up your squirt guns a million times.  

I love this.  L.O.V.E.  I remember water being such a huge part of growing up and swimming was (is) one of my most favorite things in the world.  Between your dad and I we can count swimming, diving, water polo, water skiing, surfing, wake boarding, and SCUBA diving as hobbies.  We were both lifeguards at the local pool.  It's the only sport you can play that can save your life.  When you were both tiny babies we took you for swimming classes and you just loved them - easily the happiest and most comfortable babies in the water.  In fact, even before that, we used to laugh that if you didn't like the water, well, in this family, we'd just have to send you back from whence you came.  

Mostly?  It's because of the boat.  Neither of you have spent much time on it, but this weekend, that's about to change.  Drastically.  And I'm so excited for you!  Your dad and I both grew up on a boat - I still think my boat driving skills are quite possibly what hooked your dad (many) years ago.  It's just part of our family.  Bumpa told me a long time ago, that the great part of having a boat is that your kids want to hang out with you - you're the great place to be and you get to meet all of your kids friends (for better or worse).  I hope when you're 15 and moody and hormonal, we can take you and a few friends out on the boat and hang out as a family (I might even let you pick the music).  Lastly:  if you find your self a boy or girl someday who can handle themselves on the water, keep 'em!  Boat people are just good people.  

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