Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Honey, We're Home!

After several trials and tribulations, oh, and nearly 6 months, all of the Roberson's are now sleeping on our own beds once again, and in our new home (finally). What a busy week! Last Thursday we signed off on the house and signed up for a security system (can't be the only house on the block with out one...). Friday our household items came (338 boxes, except for the "parts box" containing everything needed to assemble everything), and so did phone, Internet, cable, and a refrigerator. Saturday we drove to Cheyenne, WY to complete the family with our puppies (They sniffed for about 20 minutes then passed out on the living room floor as if they were never gone). Sunday we celebrated Jeff's birthday a day late. Monday came the Security system install. Tuesday came the garage door, and the missing box which only included Haley's Crib parts (so we're still missing the parts for our bed and the office desk). Today I'm planning on attacking the office and we should be all unpacked (in under a week!). Then it's on to decorating for Christmas as we'll have Jeff's folks out as our first house guests. Pictures of the house will come soon!

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