Monday, December 15, 2008

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas!

So now that the Roberson's are no longer homeless we are finally in the Christmas spirit (if only it would warm up enough to put up Christmas lights). It's taken me a little while to get the house unpacked and there are still some odds and ends left (like the entire office, but that's not my fault - they still haven't found the parts to assemble our desk). Anyway, we've been busy and here are the pictures of what we've been up to.

This is the Christmas tree. One of the things that I was most excited about with the new house was the size possibilities for a tree. I knew the moment we toured the model exactly where I would put one up and now, here it is, finally in our house. It measures about 12 feet tall and is an Oregonian Noble Fir. This is the finished product, you'll see more of it below.

Here's Kale and Atlas, the reason Atlas is looking at Kale's rear is because he just exploded from that general region. This is the last picture of Kale for the day because he completely soaked his outfit with poo and we needed to take an emergency shower to clean the kid up. I think Atlas is both perturbed and disgusted. He also won't go near the kid anymore (do you blame him?).

Our super happy dude-man on the stairs. He is so willing to smile for anyone, this is one happy little guy!

From a happy little guy to our beautiful princess, there was no staging involved in this picture, just a lucky shot. Isn't she gorgeous?

I asked her to sit pretty with her hands and legs folded. I think this is so the "My mom made me take this" picture.

This is my new favorite picture of Haley, it just shows her tenacious personality perfectly. The reason we had the kids all dressed up was that we were on our way to go see Santa that afternoon. The moment we sat Kale in his lap and I went behind the camera and said "Hi Dude-Man, he just lit up and smiled. Haley on the other hand was going to have nothing to do with the fat man in the red suit and her picture is her in an amazing tantrum mode. Definitely a moment to remember.

What's the holidays with out a bit of alcohol and a whole lot of friends (or is it the other way around)? Anyway, Jeff has found a home brew supply store and is off and running in the new house. He's decided to revisit his first brew of nearly 2 years ago and is re-doing the Beltian White (No, not a Belgian). He also decided that he needed a partner in crime for this batch and invited Norm over to help out. Norm's wife Mandy and their kids came over also and helped us to decorate our HUGE tree, she chased me and a 6 foot ladder around and around the tree with 1000 lights.

Santa brought Kale a present at Jeff's Det Christmas Party. I think he could have cared less about what the present was, but that bow was SOOO cool!

Back to the Christmas tree... this is what it looked like in front of Lowe's as we prepared to take it home with us.

For Jeff's Det's Christmas party we, of course, were signed up for Sugar cookies. We let Haley decorate her own cookies, the left one is a Christmas tree with LOTS of balls on it and the right one is a Snowman (one of her favorite things this holiday season). She will be the 4th generation of sugar cookie bakers, we have a bit more training to instill before she's ready to be an "approved sprinkler".

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  1. I am so glad to be able to to follow you through your blog! What a beautiful family! I can't believe you are so lucky to have a 12 foot tree in your house. It is just stunning! Good job!