Monday, December 1, 2008

TEN inches of snow!

We got home on Saturday and it started snowing while we were up in Denver, we woke up Sunday morning to about 2 inches of snow and still coming. By Sunday night we were in the midst of our first Colorado Snow! If only we had my rock bustin' skis and Atlas! Here are just a couple of pictures from our evening in the backyard of Bill and Crystal's house.
Seriously, is this not the cutest little snow bunny in the world? I learned that when your kid is as bundled up as the little brother in "A Christmas Story", it's a little difficult to take a good picture.
This yard stick shows how deep the snow was in a pristine part of the yard. This was at the earlier part of the evening.


  1. You guys are welcome anytime! We just got another 3 also! Free room and board if you take pictures of my kidlets (especially if there's snow).