Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's Snoooowing! Or, Our Blizzard

Early in the afternoon on Thursday marked the beginning of our first Colorado blizzard (well, mine, Haley & Kale's anyway). We were skeptical that anything was going to come of all the warnings they were putting out, but this time it didn't disappoint! Thursday night rolled around and there was no end in sight. The wind was blowing really hard and what could have been a normal snow storm turned into a bunch of huge snow drifts (pictures below). Peterson sent Jeff home at 1:00 in anticipation and he was lucky enough to get a snow day from work on Friday so he spent the morning delivering Carri Blockyou to the Denver Airport (the snow drifts were so big, she couldn't make it to our house to drop Bear off - Jeff had to go get her in the truck) and the afternoon was spent outside with Haley shoveling the driveway.

This is about 10:00 at night, we were trying to take a picture of the growing snow drift in the back yard, but had to take the flash off to actually get a good picture of it. There was sooo much snow blowing around.

The snow was blowing from the south so it was hitting the front of the house like crazy, note the little drift at the bottom where the kick plate is.

This is part of the giant drift in the back yard. Jeff is standing on dirt.

Being a goofball, I guess she was having fun laying on her back in the snow. You'll notice her thumbs look a little strange - she would not put her thumbs in the thumb hole! Also, please disregard the utter chaos in the garage - that area of the house is not my responsibility to unpack - the only reason I can park in there is because Jeff's folks came out for Christmas and I'm pretty sure Dad either got bored or fed up with it (thank you Dad!).

Making silly faces on the snow. Where else would you make silly faces?

This is her being a nut in the snow. She falls down but is actually able to get back up this time (last time it snowed it wasn't so easy). She also shows atlas the snow too.

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