Friday, March 20, 2009

Haley Kay is Getting Bigger!

On an average day at the Roberson House you'll find Haley and I having a conversation about something that's she's noticed or is thinking about. Sometimes it's simply: "Hey Haley? I love you!" "Too Mommy!". Her favorite things to say are "I try?" when she wants to share something with me, "I'm okay" when she bumps something, and "Stttooop it Kaaale!" for pretty much whenever he's bugging her.

Daddy fell asleep on the floor in her room one night last week so I brought him a blanket and pillow and took the camera with.

I was finally able to convince her to hold still long enough to braid her hair into pigtails after a bath the other night. It took a book and lots of silly faces in the mirror. I have to say that I'm mostly excited about this because it's one more connection I have to my mom. I remember her braiding my sister's and my hair at night and am glad to carry on the tradition with her.

When we bought this house, Jeff's mom predicted that the kids would be putting their body parts through the dowels and getting them stuck, or use them to drop toys on us from above. While she hasn't dropped toys from the loft yet, (the part over by her room, yes, but not from the loft), and she hasn't got any body parts stuck - I still think this picture is oddly proving the premonition nearly true.

On most days Haley will blatantly tease either of the dogs with the food she has by showing them the food then saying "NO! Goway! Sit!". But here she is completely unaware of the sadness she is causing Atlas by eating her cheese so close to him. He's pretty bummed.

I took about 20 of these pictures with her and the flowers trying to get that cute artsy shot, and while it didn't show up in any of them I did learn a few things: first, the kitchen is not a good backdrop, second, when trying cute kids pictures I need to clean my kid's face, and lastly, I really need to learn how to turn down the flash (I wish there was a dial).

In true "Old School" fashion, there are sometimes things said around this house that small children shouldn't hear, much less the small children who are learning to repeat everything you've said, so we taught her Earmuffs. This also shows her favorite game to play with Daddy - she pushes him over, asks him if he's okay and helps him up, then pushes him down again.


  1. a good trick with the point & shoot camera is take one step back and zoom, that will lessen the intensity of the flash. :)

  2. I love the video and the photos.....I can retouch the smudge on her face if you want. Still adorable pics of her! She's a doll!