Friday, March 20, 2009

Kale is Getting Bigger!

So today is Kale's 9 month birthday. His check-up landed him in the 85th-95th percentile for weight (around 24 lbs) and he's off the charts for height (31 inches, meaning he's grown 10 inches in 9 months), I guess you could say we've got a big one on our hands (18 month clothing and 1lb less than his 2 year old sister). I thought it was time to show a little bit of what he's up to lately. Mostly trouble and being a boy would be the best description.

Here's Kale's newest favorite toy - the dog water. He will scoot himself over there as fast as he can and then splash around in it. When you catch him and scold him for it he looks up at you and just smiles his gummy smile as if to say "you know I'm too cute, you aren't really mad at me for this"! Then he goes back to playing in the water.

We took a quick break this past weekend to let the kids see the backyard as the fence continues to come along. Kale, being the boy that he is, wanted to mostly eat the dirt. I can't wait till we get grass.

This is just a cute picture of him - Haley decided that he needed to be wearing his hood.

I found some sippy cups on the floor the other day - you'll notice him escaping the scene of the crime and also how independent he's becoming these days.

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