Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Hobby

A few Christmases ago I gave Jeff a home brew beer kit, and he's really taken off. I decided to delve back into my old layout and design ways and design the labels for the beer he was brewing. I thought I'd share some of the past work - I'm pretty proud, considering I have no formal training. I'm definitely open for comments and suggestions.
This is the label for the red beer - similar to a Killians and the first label I did. This is Jeff's favorite beer to date (and a dead powerful one too).

This is one that he and Norm Vujevic brewed - it's pretty much the Beltain from Belt, MT. They didn't fair too well with the judges, but managed to get 2nd place people's choice so they must be doing something right.

This one was brewed tonight and features his test director Maj. Dave Reasland - a.k.a. "Gummie" on the label. The brew is a bunch of his leftover ingredients and 2.5 pounds of gummy bears.

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  1. Those are hilarious, the nun scares me! Thanks for the follow!