Thursday, April 16, 2009

My BIG Surprise!!

Every year for the past (nearly) 5 years My step-mom Carrie and my brother Ben come out to visit us (wherever we are) for Ben's spring break. It's something we look forward to because we rarely get to spend time with just them. Plus they're always up for anything when it comes to doing all of the "touristy" things around town. This trip being Ben's first trip to Colorado and Carrie's first in a long time we had lots of things to do (check out the pictures below of what we were up to).

But I have to say that the best part of their trip was the surprise that showed up on Monday. We were hanging out just finishing up dinner when there was a knock at my door, when Jeff got it, in comes my dad! My dad is usually pretty busy with work as spring time is a busy time of year for boats, but this year he's on a practice retirement and had some time to come out. It really made the vacation.

Haley really had a GREAT time playing with Uncle Ben (and Grandma and Grandpa too). Kale was just thrilled to have the extra arms to hold him. I loved the extra hands helping change diapers and entertain them!

The first full day that they were in town we went on a lantern tour at Cave of the Winds - very cool and lots of fun.

Jeff and me in a dead end on the tour. Those are the lanterns that we got, just a kerosene candle inside of a small bucket.

Carrie and Ben in the same dead end. The tour guide was in heaven having a 10 year old on the tour - he rode him like a pony: Blowing out his lantern, making up stories about other kids in the caves, and just generally making the tour fun for everyone at the expense of Ben (who was a really good sport about it all).

Next up was Garden of the Gods with Dad, Carrie, Ben, Haley and Kale. Jeff had to work.

Practicing my photog skills.

A rare picture of me with my kiddos.

More photog practicing, I'm pretty impressed that this is with just a point and shoot camera. I think this is one of my favorite shots of the vacation.

We took Ben with us to the BX and the "Sword Guy" was there and let Ben hold a few of them. It was likely the highlight of the trip for him (not Cave of the Winds, or Garden of the Gods, might have even beat Casa Bonita).

We also made a stop by the Academy. This was the first time my dad had ever seen it and was full of questions. He really enjoyed seeing all of the static display planes.

Since Ben now plays AAA Baseball at home and was missing a couple of practices and at least one game, we needed to make sure he got in some practice time and took him by the batting cages. They had one whole cage that we were able to put Haley into with a ball and she had a blast running all around - I wonder if I could get one for the house, she was so happy and CONTAINED!

Grandpa and Haley

"Big Brother" and "Little Brother" wrestling on the floor (I think I called Doorknob for Ben and Jeff enforced it). This ended with Ben's foot stuck under the waistband of his pajama bottoms.

Ni-Night snuggles with Grandma. This was after a long day outside.
The last stop on the vacation was to Casa Bonita up in Denver - really cool atmosphere, but the equally as terrible food claimed 2. Ben was sick that night and Dad was in pretty bad shape the day they were supposed to fly out. The best part about this was the night before the Casa Bonita episode of South Park was on and Dad got to see it - pretty funny to actually go there right after that.

Yet another rare photo - the kids are both looking at the camera.

It was yet another fantastic Spring Break with my family, we had a great time! We can't wait for next year and all of the fun things we can do (especially with all of the kids another year older).

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