Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Me, Mom & The Kids

A hundred years ago when Jeff and I started dating (okay so 12, but close enough), I was welcomed into his amazing family and developed a bond with his mom that has developed into her becoming more of a mom to me than anyone else in this world. She's amazing help to me and a wonderful Grandma for the kids. Last week Jeff took off to Germany for 2 weeks for a deployment (Yes, that's what the Air Force is calling it) and Mom flew in to lend me a hand (and make sure I didn't kill the kids). While most days Jeff is a huge help around the house with the kids, and chores, having another mom around is super helpful. I come down from putting the kids to bed and the dishes are done and toys put away - life is good! Here are some pictures from halfway through her "work-cation".

Kale peeking through the loft, or Baby Jail - you decide.

Mom, in her PJ's (it was a work day around here) gaining a whole new respect while trying on the Kevlar with armor. It's HEAVY!

One way to get her to sit still and watch a movie. Actually, Haley really enjoys being "Buckled Safe" into her car seat and I had it in the house to clean the crud bucket up. When it was all reassembled she wanted to sit in it and watch her movie.

One of Grandma's highlight's was that she found Kale's first tooth. Now, I've been checking daily and he managed to pop it out right when she decided to look. I'd be bummed that I didn't get to find it first, but Auntie Christy found Haley's first tooth so I'm O-fer.

Don't know what this kids obsession with Cheerios is about, except that maybe it's the only solid food he can have with his partial one tooth, but he kept peeking around the box and smiling at us.

On Sunday before bed I looked outside and there was like an inch of snow (I know, nothing compared to MT right now, but I can still be ticked - after all, I spent more than a few winters there). You might have to open the picture to read the sign, I'll just apologize for the profanity now, but I'm TIRED of the snow.

Our little engineer trying to figure out how the dishwasher works. He ended up sitting on the door and looking around at the living room (must have accomplished what he climbed up there to do).

Grandma and Papa decided that the kids needed a playhouse. As usual, they're right. They LOVE it. It has a working doorbell that both kids could push all day long and a telephone that Haley carries with her everywhere. Also a hit? The ginormous box that it came in.

Apparently it's also a great climbing structure. Thanks Grandma and Papa!


  1. your sign. seriously. I should be holding that next to my thermometer...count your blessings, could be battling 90s+ & 85% humidity in February! I dont know which is worse, but I am WAY over this weather!

  2. Ha ha, it snowed here in Auburn in APRIL. That is not okay in Seattle, land of mild winters!

    (Okay, we were in San Francisco and it was 65 when it happened, but still!)

  3. Emma has this playhouse it. She has had it for a year now and still plays in it everyday!