Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hot Air Balloon Classic

Yeah, so there's so catching up to be done around here... every Labor Day weekend, Colorado Springs plays host to the Hot Air Balloon classic. As many Labor day weekends that we've spent out here, neither of us had ever been to it. We woke up extra early and got the kids all ready to go for the day, headed out to the Yukon, started it up and found a flat tire. We were supposed to meet everyone at Starbucks, but they all headed back here and between the Burich's and the Tsitsilianos' piled everyone into their cars and were on our way downtown.

The group at the beginning of the morning.

Noah's Ark Balloon - you can not grasp how big this balloon is unless you see it in person.

Another one that was just larger than life. Haley is still talking about the big bunny (especially when we see Energizer batteries).

The one on the bottom is actually higher up and is behind a cloud.

There were about 75 balloons that took off that morning.

On our way out we walked past the Velodrome and there were riders practicing - it was pretty cool to seem them ride on this track that has such an incredibly steep bank.

Once we were done with the balloons it was time for Brunch (and mimosas, duh). We went to a little restaurant called the Pantry in Green Mountain Falls (just our side of Woodland Park). It was so neat to eat right next to a little creek that went right through the restaurant, they even let the kids play in the creek if they wanted to. We got some really great family pictures there (spoiler: you'll probably see this on our Christmas letter).

Spiro, Andrea, Yanni and his stick.
Great day spent with good friends, can't wait to do it again next year. Possibly next year we'll keep the kids up late and go to the glow (done at night and there isn't a lift off, just the balloons inflated and glowing like big night lights).

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  1. Those balloons are AWESOME!!! I am so jealous you get to go to see them! So glad the kids get to see that!