Saturday, September 5, 2009


Game Day is sacred in this house. Period. End of story. We tell Haley that she can have the TV 6 mornings out of the week but, without sugarcoating it, Saturday is for Dad. Jeff and I have always had an Apple Cup rivalry in our house. I, having spent some time at WSU am forever a Coug fan... he, on the other hand, well, he supports that other team (don't know why). I'm proud to say that my daughter is a coug fan. Check out this video. She gets a little confused for a minute, but figures it out, I mean, she is only 2. By the end of the season (or more importantly, Apple Cup) she'll have it down. Now, we just need to get Kale to come around, sounds like the Cougs could use a future big guy like him (then what would Jeff do?!).

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  1. i looove college gameday! now if only virginia could ever pull out a decent team, my football seasons could be a little less heart-wrenching.