Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Sweet Boy

f/1.8 1/160 ISO-500

This should have been my Project 52 pic this week, seeing as how it's head and shoulders (yuk yuk yuk) above anything else I've produced this week, but I got so excited I went and shared it on Facebook.  Dangit.

Jeff went hunting this past three day weekend so I decided to play with my hobby.  I went into my loft, and hung a white sheet from the desk, which is right by a North facing window.  Behind me I hung another white sheet off the ironing board to help me reflect the light.  This was taken in the afternoon just messing around with the kiddos.  There was some minor processing in Photoshop, in the interest of full disclosure.  Also in the interest of full disclosure, I had a great one of Haley too, but I missed the focus so it got scrapped.  

Three years old is a crazy hard age.  My dad once told me "you know why they call it terrible twos?  Because they hadn't met three yet".  No joke.  I've lived through one and a half years of the threes now and so far?  Man.  It's tough.  They push boundaries like never before, they're sassy, they forget how to listen, and the list could go on.  But, they're still your kids, and I don't have to tell you that you still love them.  You just realize how lucky they're going to be to make it to four.

Kale has taken to the three's exactly as his sister did only this time the three year old is taller, tougher, still likes to head butt things, and can't dress himself yet (ARGH!  But we're working on it).  The one thing that seems to reign him in is asking him "Do you know where my sweet boy is?  Because I just can't seem to find him right now".  He'll disappear (to another room, below the bed, somewhere), and reappear with this face.  His sweet boy face.  Never a full smile, just enough of a smirk to let you know he still has some nice left in him, but mischief is doing everything it can to take him over.  It only lasts a moment, but I love it, and it's enough of a reminder that this age is only a moment.  Talk to me again when they're fourteen.  

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