Friday, January 13, 2012

Project 52 {2}

My favorite thing about you is:
The way you love and take care of each other.

f/4 1/800 ISO 200

Most days the two of you flip back and forth in a never ending circle of loving each other and driving the other up the wall (which, in turn, drives me up the wall).  You are each other's best friend.  Your very first and most important best friend; and I've been here from the very beginning to watch this amazing friendship grow.  When one of you is hurt, the other runs over as fast as you can and gives the best and most sincere hug, you can see how badly you want the other to feel better (even if you're the one who caused the hurt).  You miss the other when they're not around.  When you send each other off to school, you each get the last hug before you head off into class and the first one when we come to pick you up, and in the in between time, you hardly know how to play by yourself.  Watching you love each other is one of the best parts about being your mom.

When I took this picture, I truly meant to document their feet, together.  If they're anything like me, they're going to be growing at a rapid rate, and for this brief moment in time, they're pretty much the same size (though, in about a month, Kale will officially be a whole size bigger than her, I'm sure of it).  I was going to talk about their steps into the world and how they should be sure to take them together.  I don't think that's going to be an issue.

Also, Kale will tell you that winter in Colorado (when you're three) is the only time you are (EVER) allowed to wear socks and Crocs.

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  1. I just thought I'd let you know that I often think of you as I am parenting my two kiddos. A girl first, then a boy... Mine aren't as close together as yours, but all the same. I pray to God that my kids can be as close as yours are as they grow up. They already show signs that this should be the case, but Boy is just a little too young to tell yet. Keep up the good work, Mama!!!

  2. They are adorable together! My Project 52 post was about our "sleepless nights" with our daughter who is teething at Linked you to my Project 52 blog! Hope you can link me too.