Friday, February 17, 2012

Project 52 {7}

My favorite thing about you is:
Your determination.

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Both of you.  We've been working on reading with Haley since October.  I'm determined not to rely on schools filled with too many kids to teach my kids what could possibly be the most important educational skill they'll ever pick up.  Haley has caught on to this and loves to practice her reading.  She's determined to make it through this yellow book.  And within this last week she's taken off.  Things are totally clicking, I'm not having to help out as much because she has the drive within herself to be able to start reading her books (Doesn't it make homework so much easier when they want to do it?!).    The pride when she's able to read one of us one of the books from the collection is like nothing else.  She loves it!  I love that she enjoys reading so much.  I really look forward to the days when she takes a book in the car instead of her gaga (and that's only partially because I don't need to throw the book in the laundry).  

We were lucky enough to be given a hand me down version of Hooked on Phonics (complete with unused workbooks)!  This program has been fantastic and something that I find super easy to work with.  We'll get to the point where I can just sit her down with the tape and workbook and let her go, but for now I'm involved and enjoying seeing every inch of her progress.  BTW this is as close as I'll get to homeschooling my kids.

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  1. Reading! So exciting. I agree with you and will definitely be doing reading workbooks when Ke'alohi is Haley's age. Thanks for linking up!