Thursday, February 2, 2012

Style, by Haley

Remember last week when I told you that we battle her outfits and how much I love her style when she can just play?  We had Yanni over the other day and she decided that since the boys had played enough with the Imaginext, and "shooter guns", it was obviously time for a photo shoot.  So after chasing the boys away from my tripod (clearly a "shooter gun") and out of my studio (a great sniper location because the loft looks over almost the entire house).  She had her accessories set:  The outfit I made her wear because we had conference that day (cream shirt from Children's Place, and a reversible smock from Nordstrom Rack), a faux fur (duh) boa, purple flower sunglasses and a Tinker bell Umbrella.  Done.  Also, it should be noted that all outfits can be completed with this pink boa (if you're 5).

Also, I apologize for the lack of white balance here, totally forgot to do it before I started the shoot and lost some cool pictures because of it.  Bummer.  Lesson learned.

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