Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My baby is 2! My how time flies!

Yup, it's official, we've had all the parties required for Haley to be called a 2 year old! It's amazing to me how far she's come in these two years. I remember back to when she was so tiny and brand new; when we had to use our own brand new parental intuition to find out what she needed and now only two short years later she walks, talks (a lot) and has so much individuality and personality. She's such a neat little person in the making.

Here are some pictures from her 2nd birthday. We took a walk through Party City and she decided she wanted an "Abby Dabby!" (or Abby Cadabby as most people know her) birthday.

Presents were definitely a highlight for her, but can you blame her, between Christmas and her birthday she really only gets one time a year to open presents.

Books, one of her most favorite things in the world.

Dress up clothes, another one of her most favorite things in the world. I don't know who liked it more in this picture - Haley or Daddy!

We sang her Happy Birthday on her actual birthday and when we lit the candles she freaked out. On her first birthday we lit the cupcake and put it down in front of her and she reached for the flame, burning her hand so it's no wonder she was afraid of it. Never the less here we are a year later. So we practiced for a week and when we lit the candles, we made it to "Happy birthday to you" before she blew them out. We lit them again while we all kept singing and she blew them out again. I guess that since it was her 2nd birthday, she figured she got to blow them out twice. She had a ball!

Playing with her most favorite toy from the party - her baby tubby. She carries that around with all of her supplies and her baby dolls and gives them baths.

Her birthday present from Daddy and Mommy - a roller coaster in her living room (can't wait for summertime when we have a back yard to put it in).

Here are some other highlights from the past week of my growing 2 year old.
Her chocolate face from the chocolate covered Leibniz cracker that she got as a snack the other day.

Dressed up in her dress up clothes from Uncle Sonny and Auntie Krystal. I think the look on her face is part of "Cheese" for the camera. Hindsight 20/20, I wish I'd never taught her to say that - we never get a natural smile out of her anymore. We're on our way to Sears tonight for their pictures and we've been working on "Show me a pretty smile" in the mirror.

Her play date with Hailey Madison - her partner in dress-up crime. They're sitting down to snack at her new table from Grandma.

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