Monday, January 26, 2009

Our Other Kids

I realized that I've spent a lot of the last few posts putting up info and pictures of the kids. I guess that's how it goes now for the dogs since the kids have come along. They used to be #1 and you never could have convinced me it would ever change with kids, that I would ever have less time for the pups. I don't think we love them less (they still get to have their places in our room at night), but we just love the kids so much more. Anyway, here are some pictures I took of our other kids the other day.

Poor Innocent Atlas, or maybe he looks guilty - it's all about the same for him. I could have killed him the other day when he unloaded all of his bladder on Haley's toy box. But for the most part he's a pretty good guy. Our wedding present to each other, but he and Jeff are two peas in a pod. Probably one of the most handsome guys I've ever met, he's 5 years old and still isn't done with his puppy behavior (when others are around anyway), but when it's just us, he likes to lay around on cold floors.

My Bella-Smella! Haley thought that she should wear her wings the other day, and since Bella is so laid back and will do anything for attention, I put them on her. I think she's hiding in this picture.

This one shows her real opinion of having her pictures taken with fairy wings on. Bella was my birthday present in 2004 when we first got out to Montana. She's the perfect dog, her temperament is ideal, she's smart as a whip and just wants to hear you call her a good girl, tell her she's been bad and her head falls and she pins her ears back. She's spends most of her time under my feet - if I'm on the couch, she's right below me on the floor, at night she sleeps on my side of the bed (right where I put my feet down to get out).

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