Thursday, August 13, 2009

He did WHAT?! Yeah, he crapped in my shoe.

Jeff left on Tuesday for a quick TDY (temporary duty for the non military) to Washington DC, leaving me with Kale on the verge of walking and a Haley with a attitude that just doesn't all fit into her little body.
He comes home tomorrow and THANK GOD! The crazy kids have finally turned on their dear mother, the one who carried them in a nice little home, safe, warm and well fed for 9 months. The poor woman who stays home with them every day doing her best to keep them safe, make sure they turn into good well rounded citizens, and continues to keep them well fed.
Haley has done her level best to make sure her brother hates her by the time he turns 2. Someday (soon) Kale is going to do 2 things: get bigger than her and learn to walk. When that happens Haley is going to have some serious Karma headed her way.
Kale is currently going on week 7 of fighting a nasty double ear infection and as such is on some serious antibiotics which gives him a nasty diaper rash. I tell you this so you don't think I've lost my mind when I tell you that the guy was running around naked for the greater part of the evening tonight - he was air drying. I think he had finally had it with me asking him to stand and try to walk because he picked my running shoes to hide a turd in. He didn't hit anywhere else, just square in my shoe. It was time to replace them, but now it's really time to replace them.

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  1.'re not helping me want a baby with that post, lady!