Tuesday, August 11, 2009

So we've had a pretty busy summer around here. Not long after we got back from Seattle, my Aunt Linda (or Grandma Willa as Haley calls her) came out to visit us. It was great to have her out here and we got to do all kinds of fun touristy stuff. One of the last things we did before she headed home was take the Cog Railway up to the very tippy top of Pikes Peak (or Big Mountain according to Haley). Here are pictures of the kids on top of the Purple Mountain Majesty.

It was really great on the way up... since we bought Haley a ticket we had lots of room (4 whole seats for the 5 of us). The kids were able to hang by the windows and climb all around - it was a little tiring by the time we got to the bottom, but the kids did really great (and handled the altitude well too).

Not too sure what she's grabbing at here but the new phrase to get her to smile is telling her to say "pepperoncini" she give us this natural smile every time. She has a couple of new phrases "No way Jose!" and "Whatever!" The other day I asked her to put her shoes away and she said, under her breath, "What-ever Mommy". She's 2!!! We're so in for it!

This was just today at the Banning Lewis Ranch playground. It's a western covered wagon theme playground and she was on the outskirts looking in.

After Banning Lewis Ranch, we went to Cordova and they have an Alice in Wonderland themed playground. Kale kept hanging under this part of it and thought it was hilarious to "peek!" at us. He has a couple new words - MAN! (pronounced Mahn) for MINE!, and GO! (usually directed at the dogs). He's also getting better at telling us what he wants (or demanding) - he'll point at what he wants and grunt (Uh! Uh! Uh!), the more grunting the worse he wants it.

This was also this afternoon - Kale is starting to stand for longer and longer stretches, here's some proof of it.

We've also been busy hanging out at the pool, and enjoying hanging out as a family. We spend nearly every other weekend at a local farmer's market and hanging out with friends enjoying the summer (because we know there can't be that much more left of it - it could snow next month around here). So there's an update of what's been going on around the Roberson house.

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