Saturday, August 22, 2009

So, a couple of things that I need to state right up front with this blog: First, it's very late, nearly midnight, but I really felt the need to get this blog up and the whole house is so gosh darn quite. Second, I'm spoiled. I'm very lucky and thankful for the life that I get to live.

Okay, now that this is all out of the way, here's the goods and good they are! You may remember a while back I told y'all that we joined a new gym and it had a really great outdoor pool (again you can visit it here: VillaSport). Well that gym recently went through a little growth spurt and they unveiled it to us, the members today - they should really be paying me for what I'm about to share with you, but, unfortunately, they're not. They expanded their pool to include not only my beloved indoor lap pool and the therapy pool to this (bear with me because there are pictures of the kids below it all and a big reward at the end):

The two new indoor water slides - they go almost as high up as what you see in the picture. They have a small atrium area that sticks up to accommodate them.

Here's the best part, they put in a water play structure that we can enjoy any time of year! January? Snow outside? Blowing wind? Yeah, you'll find me and the kids at the pool!

Another side to the play structure, there are 4, count them, 4 water slides! And, my favorite as a mom, the zero depth entry pool! Haley refers to the pools here as the beach. Wonder if she'll ever know what a real beach is like?

This is an indoor/outdoor hot tub, they have windows that open and close according to the weather. Mmmm, hot tubs in the snow, sounds like fun to me!

The burning lava rocks, wonder if they'd let me bring my own s'mores makings? And that bench behind it? It's a warming bench, and we're not talking about that warm Colorado sun folks, that's just a nice place to sit that will always feel like you're sitting on someone else's recently sat on spot.
Kale has decided that he loves watermelon! I can't say I blame him, it was some really good watermelon.
After eating the watermelon the traditional way, he decided "why bring the watermelon to your face when you can bring your face to the watermelon." So that's what he did - seems to work.

Playing with Daddy's shades - he's a really cool kid.

This one's pretty cool too.

He likes to eat rocks. I think it's a boy thing, 'cause Haley never did such disgusting things, but he loves them. You can tell him "UCK" and he'll stick his tongue out and just let them casually fall out of his mouth. 3 minutes later, he's eating them again. I don't get it.

Miss Attitude 2009 right here. The girl is forever stomping it out on her imaginary runway complete with her hands on her hips.

Kale decided today that he now knows how to stand up on his own and walk wherever he wants to. He climbed out of the pool and then walked to the wall all by himself. So proud of my Dude-a-Man!

I just love her eyes in this picture. I thought I rotated this picture, but folks, it's uploaded and didn't I mention above that it's late?!

You're reward for making it all the way to the end of this post... The Dude-a-Man gettin' down with his funky self. The kid has some pretty awesome moves. He's dancing to Celebrate and you'll have to excuse the kid in the background having a Grand Maul Tantrum... I feel for his mom, I've been there.

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