Saturday, July 7, 2012

Project 52 {27}

My favorite thing about you is:
Your thankful heart.
F/1.8 1/125 ISO-100

I'm thankful for lots of things.  Top of my list is my family.  One of the smaller things?  That Kale can write his name.  I believe that when kids have birthdays they write thank you notes... it's not some new parenting theory, in fact, I'd wager that most of my friends have their kids do the same thing.  I believe that if they're loved enough to receive a present, then they should have some part in the thank you.  We have a thank you note progression around these parts:  Birthdays one through three, I'll write the note, they must provide some kind of artwork.  On their fourth birthday they need to sign their name.  Five, it's time to write the note yourself - I'll write it first, they copy the letters (very simple: Dear Blah Blah, Thank you for the Blah, I love it.  Love, Haley), this stage was pulling teeth; we did only about three at a time - makes me wish we'd only had 6 people to the party.  We're still working the system out, but the first five years I've got down.  Year six I'm hoping that I can give her a list of adjectives and she can just figure it out.  Another thing I'm thankful for?  They don't whine about this process (dude, knock on some wood for me).  They seem to enjoy writing the notes.  With Kale, I started with just five of them.  Usually getting this kid to sit down with a writing utensil for any period of time can get a little painful on my part - can't he just knock them off the table onto a pile of markers and hope something rubs off? Then for the next few I asked if he wanted to do this one for a specific friend - he was so excited that we got through all 15 of them in one sitting.  Thank goodness.  Now it's up to me to address them and (ugh!) hunt down some stamps.  Remember the days when your mom had a whole book of them in her purse all the time because that's how you paid bills?  Barely.  I do remember that one of my bridesmaid's parents gave us a roll of stamps as a wedding present - awesome!  I didn't have to hunt any down for thank you cards.

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