Friday, July 13, 2012

Project 52 {28}

My favorite thing about you is:
Your Curiosity.
F/2.8 1/640 ISO-100

Why?  WHY?  WHY?! Yes, it's the age.  I get it.  If you ask your father, he'll tell you that you get it from me. "Why can't you just agree to something, you always have to question it." he tells me.  A lot.  Because I want to understand.  And you guys do too.  I doubt he'll ever get a break from the questioning.  But it makes us smarter, and we don't have to walk around pretending we understand when we really don't.  There's a lesson there.  Make sure you learn it.  

On this specific day we took the kids on their first (memorable) geo-caching adventure.  We stayed very local and were pretty poor at it -  found one of the five(?) we tried.  One thing that's not my favorite?  Your lack of patience.  Again, I know where it comes from.  I was cold and tired too, and I wasn't even 4 or 5 years old.  With each of the caches there was a little background story.  You had so many questions about the story (did you listen?  I don't have any more information that what you have), where was it going to be (I don't know, that's the whole point of this exercise...), what would be there (we're going to just have to find it and figure that out), why do people do this (good question)?  But it was a great family adventure.  Till our (also curious?) new neighbors pulled up beside us on the side of the road and wanted to make sure we were okay as we're wandering around obviously searching for something.  "Yup, we're fine, just geo-caching!"  "What?" Then confused looks as they drove away.  But, and this is a big BUT, it was a great family adventure.  We spent time together as a family and did something new.  We'll try it again, but will likely have to update our equipment first.  And also bring sweatshirts.  

This is a picture of Haley holding one of the permanent fixtures of the one cache we found.  Seal (the snow leopard).  Haley traded a pencil with a cupcake eraser for a bottle of bubbles, and Batman traded a sports pencil for a McDonald's toy.  What?  Don't you wear a mask when you're geo-caching?  Well why the heck not?  I'm just curious.

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