Monday, May 25, 2009

Dude-a-Man Gets a Haircut!

Well, you've seen a bunch of his before pictures (if not, look at the millions below). It was time. We tried to wait the traditional 1 year before the first haircut, but you can only take your handsome little man being mistaken for a girl so many times, and besides his bangs were in his eyes (something no little boy should have to experience), he couldn't see. Here's my new and improved Dude-a-Man. Oh, and much to my pleasure, he can once again rock his Mohawk (YAY!).
One final before picture, that's some long hair on a little boy.

This is so stinkin' much fun Dad!

Very serious, don't move a muscle.

The after, I'll have to post one of the Mohawk later - he's pretty awesome.


  1. I love the pictures you post. Kale looks like such a happy baby. It makes me smile!

  2. Yeah for the most part the little guy is just silly happy all the time. The only exception to this is when his sister pushes him over (she's determined that he'll never walk).