Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

All I asked for this year was to sleep in till 10 o'clock and to have breakfast to include bacon. Jeff went above and beyond and woke up early with the kids, got them dressed all by himself (as he'll tell you, he put Kale's outfit together all by himself, they didn't even come on the same hanger). He took them to Lowe's where he had Haley pick out a pot for me and flowers to go in it. Then be brought them home, helped the kids plant them and made me a delicious 3 cheese ham and tomato omelet and bacon. Kale apparently had fun helping out and also eating the dirt, what can I say, he's a boy!

Teething on the trowel.

Helping to flatten out the dirt.

Mmmm Dirt. When something tastes this good, you can't be concerned with keeping clean. And a good one-eye look. Haley likes to look at this picture and say "Kale eat dirt...Eeewww." She's been pretty obsessed with it lately.

Kale helping to shovel the dirt.
It was a great Mother's Day.

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