Saturday, May 23, 2009

What's Happenin'

With two kids under three, there is never, ever a dull moment around this house. In fact, if there were a dull moment, that would be so exciting to me that I doubt you could count it as dull anymore. It's been since Mother's Day that I posted last and LOTS has been happening around here. Kale is getting more and more mobile, and Haley is really starting to explore her personality and opinions (she, much like her mother, has one about everything - imagine that). So here are some of our latest pictures. Oh, side note: On the bottom are a couple of them that I've decided to work over in Photoshop - let me know what you think, they begin with Haley with a large flower on her head.

Like I said before, Kale has really started to move his way around everywhere and he's decided that he wants to climb the stairs on his own. Haley picked this up in a day, Kale is taking it a bit more thoughtfully, and while I'm not really ready for him to figure this out yet (I don't have a gate big enough to cross the bottom of our stairs), I guess it's time whether I like it or not.

He has also figured out that when the bright orange light on the camera goes off, mom wants me to smile - so whatever he's doing he stops, looks at me and smiles as big as he can. Pretty cute!

Jeff has been spending a lot of time outside finishing up about 4 miles of fencing (I'll post something about that later this week), and Haley has been his right hand gal. Today the weather was pretty nasty, but she wanted to help anyway (guess she's got some Seattle in her after all - YAY!).

My little ham sandwich, like I said, the orange light goes off... He and Haley were helping me with the laundry and Haley insisted that he get inside the "cage"

Now that he has 2 official teeth and one bump on the bottom he's been allowed to enjoy biter biscuits, this was after a teether toast and dinner (green beans and apples and chicken). He was thrilled to be disgusting - What a BOY!

Holy Haley Faces! This girl has one for EVERYTHING!!! This is her "I'm thinking about it" face only usually she's not looking at me, she'll look completely sideways and sometimes she'll throw a finger to her lips.

This is "Cuddle me" and her not cheese face. I love her eyes in this picture.

This is her "cheeeese" face! You also sometimes get to see it when she's really excited. I also think she looks a lot like me in this one.

He LOVES toilet paper. He will pull himself up on the holder and just spin and spin. This particular day he managed to take care of a whole new roll. The two of them were just laughing in the bathroom and this is what I found. He pulled it off and then proceeded to tear it all apart. couldn't have been happier.

Cuddling with Daddy in front of the TV on a gloomy morning. Daddy was trying to sleep in a bit more - I think you can tell by her face she wasn't as interested in that.

Kale decided he had his diaper, and he shoes on, what more did he need?! He was ready to go and go he did (wish I had taken video of this).

This was her super cute outfit she wore the other day. I've decided to try to grow her bangs out and these headbands have been fantastic. I love the little barrette flower clip that goes into it too.

Haley Kay had Hailey Madison over for a play date the other day - they were so cute having their berry snack with their Gymboree hair clips in that I had to take a picture.

This is Haley telling us to "listen...listen". I love that she always holds her hand in front of her ear for this. She likes to listen for airplanes and thunder.
Finally, Jeff taught Haley that pretty much everyone we know lives in Wa-shing-ton, so this is Haley telling you that and a few other things I wanted to make sure we got on video before she grew out of it.

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