Saturday, May 23, 2009

Only in Colorado

Last week Jeff's office had a "Det. 4 Day" - you could equate this to a team-building day in the real world. There were several options and one of which was to head to the mountain in the morning and the lake after lunch. Here are some pics he took.

No, he's not dead, but after choosing to wear his swim trunks skiing (pretty much just to say he did) he might have wished he was.

There they all in all their pre-frostbite glory.

On the lake. I don't know if he could have missed his boat more. They were behind a 19' Bayliner without ballast, or comparable horsepower.

Despite lack of HP and a good wake he was still able to go big and impress the buddies. If they only knew... Maybe they'll get to surf next year.

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